2017 is history and we would like to thank our clients for continuing to place their loyalty, trust, and confidence in us, year after year. 2017 has been a turning point for Sofrigam. We have been more and more active on digital whether it is to communicate with our clients or expand our range of products according to the Digitization in Cold Chain.


Transition from Temperature-controlled Logistics to Digital Supply Logistics

Requirements in the cold chain are becoming more and more complex: delivering faster, to anywhere, with a “0” risk of excursions, at low cost, with real-time tracking… are all challenges to be met.

That is how ‘reusable’ packaging solutions and temperature loggers came about. What better way to address the market needs than working on integrated solutions? A « connected box », a parcel shipper containing its own temperature data logger enabling
Real-time monitoring of the temperatures inside the shipper to reduce the risks.
Rapid data analysis to streamline logistics.

Our R&D department anticipated this trend with the launch of the iBox a few years ago which already contained a logger and is now able to provide real time tracking. In 2017, the whole life-science industry was following its transition through digitalization, and so was Sofrigam: working with innovative tools such as thermal simulation modeling and new materials to raise our products and our services to the next level.
All our customers know our partner, ATER Metrology, a major company in cold chain shipper qualification; but what better way to stress test our own pre-qualified solutions than by doing live shipments?
That was the very purpose of the Elite Box world trip, a 13 day shipment around the world (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, USA), to challenge its sustainability and its reliability. This shipper was equipped with a real time monitor which recorded the actual environmental conditions such as external temperature, shock, and vibration that the payload experienced.
It is also important to achieve live tests to guarantee that the shippers will fit the needs of the industry in terms of strength, accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

Having this data allows the shipping lanes audits to ensure the quality and safety of products, but more than that, a detailed analysis during transportation is key to make detailed diagnostics, to determine the root causes of errors, and to improve shipments.


Placing the Patient at the Center

Life science companies are changing their patient management approach in order to satisfy the ever-changing patients’ expectations: better support, better knowledge and improved real-world outcomes.

There are two main issues for patients:
Temperature excursions costs: the losses associated with temperature excursions in healthcare total $35 billion. However, more than that, it costs lives. Many patients are not aware that some drugs are temperature sensitive and that not respecting temperature control of the medicines may be dangerous.

Not following treatment instructions: 50% of American and European patients don’t take medicines as prescribed due to complexity of instructions, stress, and lack of information and support.

It appears that it is not only a matter of what is delivered but it is also key to consider how it is delivered. This is Sofrigam’s promise: “we manage the cold chain from the patient perspective, following their journey, understanding their needs, all during their therapy.”

For 17 years, we have been designing cooling bags for patients. We are now going one step further, by working hand in hand with our clients from the pharmaceutical industry to design specific solutions that meeting the needs of patients living with specific diseases.


Accompanying our Customers from A to Z.

Being close to the market and hearing the voices of patients, and our clients from pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies is one of our key success factors and goals. We believe the close collaboration between our clients, project managers and our R&D department is of key importance.

That’s how for more than 40 years, we’ve been inventing new and more efficient ways to manage, track and secure the cold chain with our temperature-controlled solutions. We will go one step further in 2018, enabling our clients to use the digital to collaborate efficiently with the key stakeholders, to be closer to the zero excursions and to have the ability to anticipate and react as quickly as possible whenever and wherever they need.

Up to now, we have developed a full range of products dedicated to the entire life science industry, from the production plant to the patient. Our client success is ours pride and it demonstrates our capabilities and determination in accompanying our customers from A to Z. We have always been very committed to our clients and have developed our Services offer in 2017 to help our clients achieve their business goals.

…After a wonderful 2017, the team of Sofrigam USA wishes you the best for 2018 which is just starting and is projected to be absolutely stunning!