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Pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology companies, from the leading ones to the smallest ones, trust our TCO-friendly solutions. Tailored to their challenges, our temperature-controlled packaging solutions help them:

  • Maintain the quality and integrity of their life-science products,
  • Ensure maximum compliance to changing industry standards,
  • Track temperature and key quality indicators at any time during transportation,
  • Lower the TCO of their global cold chain logistics.

All our solutions are always TCO-Optimized thanks to:

  • A strong partnership with ATER laboratory qualifying and certifying all products under controlled temperature conditions.
  • An innovative technical department delivering extremely innovative designs for new products.


  1. Unrivaled engineering expertise
  2. Metrology tests labs
  3. Fast designing process
  4. TCO optimized solutions
  5. Agile Human-sized company
  6. High payload by high accuracy
  7. Fast assembly system
  8. Just in time deliveries
  9. Continuous improvement
  10. Approved by patients



Over the course of four decades, Sofrigam has been strongly committed to Life Science Industries in order to deliver cold chain solutions in compliance with their cold chain constraints thus ensuring patient care integrity.

Sofrigam’s mission originates from the statement of its founder, a brilliant pharmacist, that a tremendous amount of medicines were wasted due to failures with temperature control during transportation.  His ambition was to dedicate his expertise to improve patient’s lives by working upstream in the cold chain and developing and manufacturing high quality, insulated shipping packages.

Guided by this goal, the current CEO, Mr. Gilles Labranque, took over Sofrigam and due to his avant-garde spirit and his talented team, pushed back the cold chain limits by creating the Pallet Shipper in 1980.  This solution is still widely used in the cold chain industry and over one billion dollars (USD) worth of vaccines are transported in its containers every year.

As an agile and proactive customer focused organization, Sofrigam has developed a philosophy named the “3M Policy” that is based on three fundamental parameters to ensure an optimized ratio between Total Cost of Ownership and risk management for its clients:

  • Maximization of the Payload -> Reduction of the cost per product unit
  • Minimization of the weight -> Reduction of the shipment cost
  • Minimization of the preparation time -> Reduction of the labor cost.

Therefore, Sofrigam excels as a designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative insulated packaging that will improve companies’ sustainability and performance.  This corporate mission and performance resulted in Sofrigam becoming the largest cold chain packaging company in Europe and the fifth largest in the world

In 2003, Sofrigam extended its operations internationally by opening a subsidiary in Canada, followed by the creation of a Business Unit in the United States in 2008.

In 2013, the time was ripe for another Cold Chain breakthrough.  By teaming-up with Intelligent Thermal Solutions, an American manufacturer of leading edge, reusable, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, Sofrigam envisioned how both companies could synergistically combine their technical expertise and cold chain knowledge to provide appropriate solutions to Life Sciences Industries’ future needs: From this cooperation, the IBox® was born.

IBox®, which incorporates NASA developed technology, is the result of collaboration between two visionary and innovative companies: This alliance resulted in superior craftsmanship bridged with know-how, bold style bridged with e-technology, and tradition bridged with innovation. User friendly, cost effective, and environmental friendly, the IBox® is an intelligent combination of advanced technology assuring the peace of mind that high-value, temperature-sensitive medicine transportation requires.

Always striving for excellence, Sofrigam’s fundamental corporate philosophy remains unchanged: Doing our best in the interest of our clients. L.Labranque

Innovation, Expertise, Passion are values shared on a daily basis by each Sofrigam team member:

Your mission is to save lives; Our mission is to ensure your success.
Sofrigam Spirit.



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